My latest project

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My latest project

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After many request, I am finally ready to give a sneak preview of my latest "project" as you all know... UPS almost ruined it. It is still a work in process but everything is in.
This is a pure audiophile SQ car. I worked with JLs engineers, Phoenix Golds engineers and Steve Mantz (Refurbished and Recapped them amps) himself to design this system. It is designed to get the maximum SQ out of the JLs and PG amps.
About the box:
I didn't build it, a friend's shop locally did. Shout out to the guys at HIFI Buys. However it was designed by JL and myself. It is 1" MDF, double front baffle, triple braced, each sub is in it's own chamber exactly to JL's recommendation. All joints are dado.
Sub Amp: Phoenix Gold M100 - Subs are wired parallel series sharing 600 watts at 4ohms. This is old school Phoenix Gold Power if you know about these amps 😉
Component Amp: Phoenix Gold M44
Front Stage: MB Quart Qs
Entire system is set up with OScope at every single gain stage for perfectly clean wave with no clip of any kind.

It has the SPL of at least a 15" to 18" with the finesse of 6"s In this special box... JL told me it is equivalent to how a 13W7 would perform in my car with the space available and these amps. The entire box is only 1 cubic ft. They play down to 20 hz with ease!

I hope you enjoy!


his is in a sq build with NO DISTORTION it could easily go in the 140s but I don't treat my $$$$ vintage equipment like that... 🙂
This is in a tiny 2019 Mustang convertible trunk.


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Re: My latest project

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look nice
what else can I say I am a grumpy asshole most of the time.
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