What happened to the Phoenix Gold website??

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What happened to the Phoenix Gold website??

Post by OldSkool »

I visited the website for the first time in a few years and it is awful and empty! No more Elite series, no more Ti3. Incorrect descriptions on speakers. Nothing high-end at all and very little information when searching legacy equipment.

Very disappointing! What's the deal?
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Re: What happened to the Phoenix Gold website??

Post by ttocs »

I don't think they gave a shit about pg when since they cancelled the accessory line.
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Re: What happened to the Phoenix Gold website??

Post by stipud »

So here we are in 2022. PG has some pretty mehhhh full-range class D amps and coaxials. I can't really blame PG/Stinger for slowing down on the high end gear. Let's face it, this market isn't what it used to be.

There were some fun moments in the Phoenix Rebirth era... Zen.9 springs to mind. But did I buy it? Nope, I already have way too much unused gear sitting around.

People don't really have disposable income anymore. People certainly don't have free time. Maybe one or the other, but definitely not both. Wealth inequality is at an all-time high, and the middle class is getting destroyed.

Many of the people that do have cash are buying EVs that aren't conducive to powerful 12v amps. Even full-range class D amps would ultimately cost you quite a bit of range. Thousands of watts of A/B Triple Darlington gear? Unlikely to be the norm ever again.

Cars are also coming with decent built-in factory systems, where in our day it was guaranteed to be trash unless you upgraded. I think the real winners here are the audiophile companies that made it into the OEM manufacturing process. Like how cars come with Dynaudio, Bose, B&O, B&W, etc. out of the factory. It's all tightly coupled to the infotainment, so you're not exactly going to be able to switch out components.

I can't really think of a recent demographic that is interested in this stuff anymore. Which is too bad, really. There are a few "oldschool revival" movements that are picking up the pace, like Mechanical Watches seem to be hotter than ever these days. Maybe Car Audio will have a chance again, but it will likely be after the churn of the auto industry is sorted out.
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Re: What happened to the Phoenix Gold website??

Post by lilviper »

I don't think people are freely choosing EVs. They are being forced socially and by the government. When kids finally hear a real sound system it bites them just as hard as it bit us.
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