Which is it MS-2125 or MAC-500?

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Which is it MS-2125 or MAC-500?

Post by car46999 »

Hello all,
I bought this amp a while ago thinking it was a MS-2125. I started changing out the capacitors today and the more research I did the more I started thinking it is not a MS-2125.

Reason I think it is a MAC-500, the rail caps are 63v 6800uF, the IRFP054 MOSFETs, and the serial number is 500062.

What's the rail voltage of the MAC-500? --> Should I stick with 63V+, 6800uF+ capacitors?
The MS-2125 is ~50v?
Did the MAC-500 originally come with an MS-2125 end plate?

New caps are ordered, I ended up ordering the following:
Vishay MAL225658682E3 6800uF,63v,105c
Nichicon UHE1C822MHD 8200uF,16v,105c
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Re: Which is it MS-2125 or MAC-500?

Post by Virtue »

Congratulations. You have a Mac 500! The rail caps need to be 63 volts. They will blow with 50v ones. My Mac 500 is #500042. And no, the Mac 500 came with Mac 500 end plates, not MS 2125 ones. Your amp is rated at 200 watts 4 ohm stereo. It should do around 700-800 watts at 4 ohms mono. From what I was told, the Mac 500 was not designed for 2 ohms mono... but, hey, neither are the MS 2125's...
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Re: Which is it MS-2125 or MAC-500?

Post by ttocs »

NICE! I know I heard of some competitors cheating and using larger amps by swapping the end cap displays, this might be one of them.
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Re: Which is it MS-2125 or MAC-500?

Post by Stravus »

That is my unicorn. I have not been able to put my hands on one of these as of yet.
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Re: Which is it MS-2125 or MAC-500?

Post by mitchwolos »

Holy shit. I was searching the forum for this. The exact same thing happened to me!

I have a 2125 with 63v rail caps. IRFP054 fets. 51v rail voltage. 500012 serial number. Looks like the same toroids as me. 9005 0029/0030
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