????Rockford Fosgate????

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????Rockford Fosgate????

Post by mistawikid »

In my hometown we have a small custom install shop who sells all kinds of different equipment - except PG? - (I've told him a million times to get it) I hang out and shoot the breeze on occasion and see whats new from Autotek, Kicker, JL.... all the "popular" stuff. Yesterday he showed me the new line from Rockford and I must say I was impressed, ALOT! They got three distinct lines with appropriate names and unique styles. They offer custom one off paint jobs on the POWER line. Seems like they are getting back to the old school guts, like when a punch 225 could punch the shit out of three or four subs and it was the small amp! If your bored, check out the new stuff, www.rockfordfosgate.com

Come on PG make something HOT that has the competition running for cover!
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Post by Misfire »

I think its just me, but I just don't care for the sinks.... Guess I really haven't since the Punch 30, 45, and 150. The power 300 and 1000 where cool too. Guess I am just showing my age.
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Post by mhyde71 »

now i havent had time to look through their site...BUT i am guessing that is airbrush work...simliar to what Exil3 did>>or does..?

neighbor upstairs does airbrushing...only has hobby kit right now... but we've been talking and stuff... he's not ready to jump in full speed...BUT would like to figure a way of maybe adding airbrushing into the PC'ing some how...

NOW QUESTION for someone that may know...

Airbrushing? In theory... could we not make up a template out of thin aluminum plate or something and have the artwork cut into it for a one time set up job piece, and use that as a template for airbrushing the artwork onto these newly coated amp cover and end plates??? would that be a possibility?
Anyone familiar with airbrushing and stuff and how or what would be best way to make templates up>?

i am finding that the silk-screening for each and every possible amp out there is just not going to fly---i would either need some kind of template for the airbrushing idea or decals out of that hi-temp vinyl and do it that way- but even with that decal idea I am running into hurdles.

What say you guys?! airbrushing perhaps? with a template on top of the end plate(s)?!??!

does anyone know of good name for good starter airbrush kit?
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Post by oldschoolfan »

Misfire wrote:I think its just me, but I just don't care for the sinks.... Guess I really haven't since the Punch 30, 45, and 150. The power 300 and 1000 where cool too. Guess I am just showing my age.
Preach on. Heat sinks that look like heat sinks. Those were my favorites too. Not to mention no surface mount technology! Super easy for us lay persons to repair. Amps that can last forever!
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Post by Rold Gold »

I likes the old RF PUNCH a2 amps.......

Kicker's ZR line is another badass.......
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Post by Eric D »

The new RF amps are not all that impressive. They have way less power then their last generation did. A 75W x 2 amp from a few years ago was really about 200W x 2. Now, yes I know it was so big it did not fit anywhere either.

The new amps barely make rated power, and that equates to very low value.

I do like their tiny size though.
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Re: ????Rockford Fosgate????

Post by crosleykings »

I've always been a Rockford fan. I still think my old punch 200 was the strongest amp i've ever owned (back in 1997).

Here's what i've got in my Legend right now. Couldn't be happier!

Haven't tried any of they're new stuff though.

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Re: ????Rockford Fosgate????

Post by brenzbmr@sb »

hey eric
u actually ought if u can demo the new stuff
its actually really different then that crap they put out 8 or nine years ago. i really like the brt amp.

if they made a brt 500 and made them strappable and put out 1200 watts at 2 ohms and draw like 12 amps of current then i would run 8 of them
to two dual 2 ohm voice coils 18s and only pull 100 amps of current. now thats possiblities!!!!
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Re: ????Rockford Fosgate????

Post by gentlejax2 »

I have a new pbr300x4 micro amp I am selling if it ever arrives.

Cheap too
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Re: ????Rockford Fosgate????

Post by rocker85675 »

i bought my current ride with 3 couple year old fosgate amps and i cant get them out fast enough. i wasnt a fan of the chronic overheating original punch line and im still not a fan of thier new(er) stuff either. i still find them very un-refined and just not good sounding amps. just my 2 bits
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Post by BiilyJones »

Misfire wrote:I think its just me, but I just don't care for the sinks.... Guess I really haven't since the Punch 30, 45, and 150. The power 300 and 1000 where cool too. Guess I am just showing my age.
You forgot the power 600, maybe I'm as old as you are. :wink:
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Re: ????Rockford Fosgate????

Post by Boxcar »

Some of the finest amplifiers I've ever had the pleasure of owning. So good I kept them all, 20 years going strong. Punch 120a2, Power 500a2, Power 800a4, Power 800a4C, and the beast a Power 1100a2. LOVE old school RF.

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Re: ????Rockford Fosgate????

Post by ttocs »

I don't know anyone that would argue that they are not solid amps that put out some power. And I know some people that would argue some stupid shit.
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