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hey everyone, its been a long time since i really came back here to check things out.

my life has been a real roller coaster here and there, I have been really busy taking care of things.

9 years ago i had the opportunity to take over a failing car stereo shop and with a really good friend we turned it around and ended up finally buying it in january 2020.

then the planndemic hit and we pushed through and made it. the road to get here was hard, long and very stressful. i pretty much just became a robot and did what i needed to do.

some of you know i was building my ride and it was taking a long time but i finally got it where i need it to be now. i follow some of you on IG/FB but

i canned them shits last year after finally seeing how much toxicity it brought. I decided to dump social media for a better well being.

i can say i dont miss the drama, lies and other addictions that it causes. plus all the hate comments about my car and shop.

things are alot better for me now and i like being without it. I wont lie though, i made a dummy IG for looking at cars only. no friends and sheet. just every once in a while lurking on car post.

I was going through an old Hard drive when i saw a post i screen shot from this forum and realized how i miss it. so i want to come back and see how it is doing and start chatting with normal good people again.

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Re: aloha

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yea I remember your build. No pics = boooo :) Sounds like things are not going to bad for ya. My IG is NOTHING but car stuff honestly @ttocs388.
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