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 Post subject: I was THIS close...
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:54 am 
the Floor Sweeping Hack with Golden Ears

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Back in feb I saw an add for the extreme driving experience was going to be about 2 hours away from me. They were advertising a 2020 gt500 (760 hp) as well as other more exotic cars to drive around the corvette test track that I have been wanting to check out. Realizing I will probably never get another opportunity to so much as sit in one, let alone start/drive or flog it on a track ever again I jumped at the chance. Of course then 3 weeks later covid started going good and they offer 30% off but what ever I am going don't care... It was supposed to be in may but no big surprise they delayed it till aug but again don't care still going. So this weekend comes along and at first I am just praying my stomach lets me make the trip and the weather holds out as they are saying spot thunderstorms all weekend. As we make the 2 hour drive I had to turn the wipes on high and then off 3 mins later 6-8 times but as we got into town it was clear. I checked in, got in line and there were only 4 people in front of me. Two more guys take off and then the storm rolled in and the guy that was in the car got back in line to finish his drive after the storm, but the track closed at 5:30 and it was 4:30 now. The storm stops and they take a couple cars out to dry it off and we are waiting. Finally a guy comes out and tells us that they think they only have time for 3 more drivers. Well it sucks to be the guy behind me and kinda sucks to take it on a wet track but don't care, still going. Then they got the people in the cars, lined them up and had them sit there for 25 mins for some reason... I knew it wasn't good when the guy making the announcements started to walk back with a sheepish look and yup, sure enough he was hoping to get the guy in front of me in, but I would not make it. So that sucks to have that carrot dangled in front of me all these months to get right up to be able to see/hear it only to have it jerked out again but it could be worse. I could have been home puking all day and lost the credit completely, they will be back at that same track next year so it hopefully it will make it all the sweeter when it does happen. They had porche, ferrari, lamoborghini, and a hellcat there but none of them sounded as good as the gt500 screaming down the straights. It was the most powerful and the loudest of the cars.

Anyone else done anything cool? Or almost done it?

what else can I say I am a grumpy asshole most of the time.
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